Log houses


Log houses are ecological. After all, they’re built from wood, a material that is environmentally friendly, natural, and has a very positive effect on people of all ages. Log houses […]

Frame Houses


The range of frame-houses is very large: from dwelling-houses to garden houses and outbuildings. Exterior decorative features can also be chosen to meet your taste: wooden decorative panels, clinker tiles […]

Chip Roofs


Woodchips are arguably the most ecological material used in construction. A roof covered with woodchips is always ‘breathing’ and ventilating. It’s no secret that when choosing roof-covering materials, the key […]



An arbour is a structure used for relaxation during the summer months. Usually, it is a small open or closed-type structure, built in a cool place for recreation or protection […]



Dreaming of a sauna? Probably few people need to hear praise and explanations why a sauna is such a great and healthy way to spend your leisure time. Designing and […]



We offer durable oak swings for children and adults. Enjoy your free summer hours in our comfortable swings. We can also make various playgrounds where your children will enjoy sliding, […]

Wood Of Various Sizes


Our wood comes from Lithuanian forests, the natural ecological balance of which we strive to maintain. Forests in: Tauragė Šilutė Šakiai Jurbarkas Kretinga Raseiniai A traditional 100 m2 2-storey wooden […]